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There is undeniably an explosion in mobile device usage. This has led to a tricky and sometimes unexpected support challenges. Whether you are using Android or iOS platforms, regardless, we can provide you with the necessary support you need with your devices.

GPS Device Support

A satellite-based global navigation system is a handy one that enables you to get an estimation of your geographic location and time information. Besides the military, GPS devices have commercial and scientific uses to enhance their growth and productivity. The developments of the recent fitness bands with tracking capabilities by multiple companies have taken the help of GPS technology. With the help of microwave signals, GPS devices connect with 24 satellites and provide the estimated locations. There are two types of GPS tracking systems – passive and active. The passive tracking system tracks location based on special events and can also download and store the data. Active GPS tracking device tracks in real-time. GPS tracking device is cost-effective as it helps in finding the best route reach a destination. Moreover, it has an alert system in case you are in the wrong direction. Route optimization has been the main feature of a GPS tracking system. It tracks the number of stoppages need, counts the number of turns, availability of traffic, etc. Viewing the GPS device can help a driver to avoid jams on roads.  As a new user, you may face difficulties in setting up the tracking system. We, at Arcler Desk, are here to guide you through troubleshooting your problems. We provide a complete range of customer service available 24*7 at your service. Whether you are facing a technical issue or setting up the problem, we are always at your back to help you fix it.
A few of the issues that customers face with GPS tracking service:

  • Technical issue
  • Network issue
  • Sudden stopping of the system

In case you are facing the above problems, we, at Arcler Desk, suggest you first to reboot your device and update the app. You must check if the GPS is switched on. Lastly, you should check if the Google play service is updated to its latest version. Even after this, if the problem persists, feel free to call us at our customer service number or message us via email. Garmin is known for its extensive production of GPS technology for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports activities.  Are you facing any error in operating the Garmin devices? Give us a call or drop us an email anytime, and our expert team will solve all your queries.
Common Garmin GPS Support Queries

  • Garmin GPS not working
  • How do I get my Garmin GPS fixed?
  • Why is my Garmin GPS not picking up a satellite?
  • How do you operate a Garmin GPS?
  • How do I add a route to my Garmin GPS?
  • How does Garmin Nuvi work?
  • How do I change the route on my Garmin?

Pod Trackers

Pod Trackers is primarily famous for the Pod 3 tracking device. It has offered a  platform that enables GPS service on mobile and web that allows tracking the location of your pet.

Common Pod Trackers Support Queries

  • How to install the pod tracker device?
  • How to customize the safe zones for the pet?
  • Why is my Bluetooth often disconnected?
  • What to do if the device is not working?
  • How to connect the device via Bluetooth?

Arcler Desk offers quick and easy support to troubleshoot any recurring error or any problems you might be facing with the device. Feel free to contact us.

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