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Video conferencing apps keep us connected to the entire world without even having to step outside. They are a great source of entertainment to connect with family or friends living far away.

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Video conferencing apps keep us connected to the entire world without even having to step outside. They are a great source of entertainment to connect with family or friends living far away. Increasing complications in life have also increased the importance of these video conferencing apps to stay connected and feel attached. With rapid technological development, video conferencing has been a cost-effective list for the companies to communicate with their partners and their branch offices daily without traveling far off distance.  However, there are various problems in conducting video calls. One of the essential technical issues is the availability of an excellent network to prevent any obstacle in between meetings.  We, at Arcler Desk, know the importance of video conferencing apps in the present world. There are various video conferencing apps in the market, but all of them do not provide you with the best experience.

Video calling app users usually face the following issues:
● Technical problems
● Network issues
● User error
● Audio issues
● Functionality issues
If you are facing any of the following issues, we, at Arcler Desk is available 24×7 at your service to troubleshoot your problems and ensure you a smooth business
meeting. You can reach out to our customer help service number or can contact us via email to get your problems solved. We provide help services for various applications.
● Zoom
● Skype
● House party
● Hangouts
● GoToMeeting
● Cisco WebEx
● BlueJeans
● Lifesize

#1 Zoom
Zoom gives you the best video calling experience with some of its unique features.
Common Zoom Support Queries
● What is the procedure to join a meeting via Zoom?
● How can I invite you to join a meeting on Zoom?
● Can the Zoom webinar screen be shared?

#2 Skype
Skype is cross-platform support that allows video calling and helps you to stay connected with your friends, family, etc.

Common Skype Support Queries
● How to install the Skype app?
● Why is my browser not supporting Skype?
● Why are the skype contacts missing from my account?
● What to do if my Skype call quality is low?
● How to make an echo test call on Skype?

#3 Houseparty
Houseparty is a social networking app that helps you to call or video chat with your friends. Are you facing any technical issues while hosting your Houseparty?

Common Houseparty Support Queries

● Why are my contacts not working?
● How can I add friends on Houseparty?
● What should I do to turn off the Houseparty notifications?
● How to change the Houseparty username?
You can reach out to our customer support number for a speedy solution to your

#4 Hangouts
Google Hangouts is a free messaging and video calling app.  

Common Hangouts Support Queries
● Why can I not send or receive messages through Hangouts?
● Why is there a reconnecting error often?
● Does Firefox support Hangouts?
● What to do if people can't hear me on a call on Hangouts?

#5 BlueJeans
An online video conferencing platform, BlueJeans hosts successful video meetings.

Common BlueJeans Support Queries
● How can I upload logs from BlueJeans?
● How can I test the audio quality on BlueJeans?
● How to adjust my preferences on BlueJeans?
● How to schedule future meetings on BlueJeans?
● What other apps do BlueJeans integrate with?
Whether technical or any other, you can entirely rely on the Arcler Desk support service instead of trying to reach out to the networking site customer service, which
most of the time becomes difficult to connect to. We offer technical assistance to settles any concern with a remote connection with
our clients. We are available for support 24×7 via call, text message, and email and also on our social media handles.

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