HOW TO USE BUFFER – Social Media Scheduling Software

Buffer is a strong social media scheduling program that may help you get more out of your social media postings and interaction. Buffer saves you both time and energy by automating your social media postings.

What Does the Term Buffer Mean?

Using Buffer, you can plan social media postings across a wide range of prominent social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Other popular social network management apps, such as Tweet Deck and Hootsuite, have been pared down to make it more user-friendly.

For posting on these social networks, Buffer may be used with the following integrations:

  • Facebook Pages, groups (but not personal profiles)
  • TwitterI
  • Instagram (Business accounts only)
  • LinkedIn (Profiles and Pages)
  • Pinterest (available with a Premium Buffer subscription only)

Buffer’s Procedure

Buffer’s popularity may be attributed in part to its user-friendliness. With Buffer, you can start writing new articles for your post queue as soon as you join a social media network account. The place where all of your planned posts go until they’re published is called a post queue. In your preferences tab, the default posting hours have been selected for times of day when engagement is at its highest (however you are free to customize these posting times any way you want).

While using to add content to your queue is convenient, there are a few more ways to expedite the process even further. Without leaving a website, use the Buffer browser plugin.

You may add posts to your Buffer queue straight from a web page while surfing the web by installing the official Buffer extensions for Chrome or Firefox. To fill and optionally add to a new post, just click the Buffer symbol in your browser.

When you’re on the go, use the Buffer mobile app to add items to your queue.

Adding information from a mobile web browser or app to your Buffer queue is a cinch with Buffer’s iOS and Android applications. Use your mobile browser or app’s “Share” option to access additional social sharing applications you’ve downloaded and installed. You should see the Buffer app among other well-known sharing tools.

Adding posts to your queue straight from your favourite applications and services is now possible with Buffer thanks to integrations with various major apps and services.

Buffer’s Highlights

Here’s a rundown of Buffer’s key features:

  • The post composer is media friendly, so you may include links, photographs, GIFs, and videos to your posts.
  • Custom post schedule: You may set your schedule to publish queued articles on any day and time.

After publishing a post using Buffer, you can see engagement data like clicks, likes, responses, comments, and shares under the Posts page

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