How to Share Your Location With Others on iPhone ?

If you wish to get the whereabouts of an acquaintance or friend, intercommunicate your Apple device and therefore the notice My app, which permit you to trace down a human location, or share your location with them, from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. it’s even useful in chase down a lost device that’s connected to your Apple ID or Family Sharing account.

For the most recent options of the notice My app, confirm you’re running iOS fifteen/iPadOS 15 or higher on your iPhone or iPad and watchOS eight or higher on your Apple Watch. To update your device, head to Settings > General > computer code Update. The app can tell you that your OS is up so far or prompt you to transfer and install the most recent update. To update your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone and head to General > computer code Update.

Turn on chase

Before you begin chase, make sure that the feature has been enabled. From your iPhone (or iPad) head to Settings > [Your name] > notice My > notice My iPhone/iPad. confirm that notice My iPhone/iPad is turned on. to permit your device to be set once it’s offline, activate the switch for notice My Network. And to create certain the device will be half-tracked although the battery charge is nearly depleted, modify the switch for Send Last Location.

To allow chase of your Apple Watch, open the Settings app on your watch and head to [Your name] > Apple Watch > notice My Watch. activate the switches for notice My Watch and notice My Network if they’re not already enabled.

Locate Family and Friends

By default, you will already be able to see the locations of any members of your Apple Family. Open the notice My app and faucet individuals. The names of anyone sharing their location with you’ll then seem on a map. you’ll then faucet a human name to move with them.

Tap Contact to decision, email, or text them. faucet Directions to launch Apple Maps with stepwise directions to their location. faucet the Add link underneath Notifications to receive a notification once that person arrives at or leaves a particular location.

If the placement of associate Apple friend isn’t visible, you will got to raise them to modify sharing with you. to try and do that on their iPhone, have the friend head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location. they will then faucet your name underneath the Family section of the notice My screen, then faucet Share My Location. you’ll make sure it worked once you receive a notification on your iPhone that they’re currently sharing their location.

Share Your Location

You can likewise share your own location with members of your Apple Family and with specific individuals. to line this up, head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. activate the switch for Location Services, then faucet Share My Location. activate the switch for Share My Location.

Now, any members of your Apple Family will see your location. to substantiate that you’re sharing your location with a selected friend, faucet that person’s name. If the choice says Stop Sharing My Location, then your location is presently being shared.

Share Location With Contacts

To share your location with a selected person outside of your Apple Family, open the notice My app on your iPhone and open the individuals tab. faucet the Share My Location link and opt for the name of a contact with whom you wish to share your location or manually enter that person’s number or email address.

Tap Send, then opt for whether or not you wish to share your location therewith person for one hour, till the top of the day, or indefinitely. The person on the opposite finish can then be asked to share their location with you. a bit like you, they’ll have the choice to contact you directly, get directions to your location, and acquire notifications regarding your specific location.

Stop Sharing Location

To stop sharing your location, open the Maine tab and switch off Share My Location (this does not disable all location services). If you wish to prevent sharing your location with a private person, open the individuals tab and choose the contact. you’ll then opt for Stop Sharing My Location to cover yourself from them, or opt for take away Friend to delete them fully.

Find a Lost Apple Device

The notice My app can even capture a missing Apple device—iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods, or any AirTag-equipped item. faucet the Devices tab within the app to look at an inventory of Apple devices registered to your Apple ID or Apple Family.

Tap the entry for the missing device to look at it on the map. From there, you’ll build it play a sound, get turn-by-turn directions, add a message to the lost device, lock the device down, or fully erase all information thereon. For a lot of careful directions, examine our full guide.

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