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Password armor is a password recovery software that can help you retrieve passwords stored by the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Also, this tool can be used to recover the passwords of several popular websites, some of which include Facebook, Yahoo, and Gmail. The software has an 85% resolution rate of retrieving documents by executing a proprietary scan. Password Armor works well with most operating systems, including Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.10, Windows Vista, and Apple Macintosh. Are you facing any issues related to Password Armor? Arcler Desk has your back. Our certified expert team will solve any problem you might be facing with the software, whether technical or otherwise. You can contact us quickly via call, text, and e-mail or drop us a message on our social media account.

  • System requirements for using the software
  • Is it free to use?
  • Can I hack someone’s account using Password armor?
  • Difficulty in understanding some features
  • Forgotten my Password Armor License
  • Unable to use the license key
  • Will it work for my work account password
  • Should I buy the paid version or use the free password recovery software
  • Technical errors

If you are still struggling and need some help apart from the issues we mentioned above, our team at Arcler Desk can provide you the necessary support. Our support staff will help you resolve any issue you encounter while using the Password Armor software. We assure a one-stop and 100 % effective solution for all the problems you might encounter while using Password Armor.

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