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VLC media player, also known as the Video Lan Media player is a popular open-source software launched in 1996. It is currently available on several platforms, including Windows10, Android, iOS, Unix, and Tizen. It is easy to use software that supports most of the popular video formats.

The software is entirely free to use with no hidden charges and no incessant ads. VLC player can play all type of video content, even if they are damaged or unfinished and still downloading.

While the VLC player is fantastic and almost flawless in its functioning, users still face some issues while using it. We at Arcler Desk can provide reliable support for all your needs related to the VLC player. We are available 24/7, and you can contact us via email, call, or text.

  • Choppy videos
  • VLC doesn’t support the video file
  • VLC keeps on crashing
  • The file takes too much time to play
  • Files compatibility
  • How to enable the web interface here
  • The VLC player is lagging

If you have any issues which are different than those mentioned above, you can always contact Arcler Desk. We will provide you with the right and prompt solutions to all your VLC player problems. Our expert team ensures a one-stop solution and 100 % effective solutions for all the issues you might encounter while using a VLC player.

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