Common Problems in Xiaomi 11x5G & How to Fix!

These days, people are more passionate about buying new and affordable things like electronic gadgets. People like to live a comfortable life without any obstacles. If there is a problem with the gadgets then there is always a specialist that solves the problems. If a person recently purchased Xiaomi Mi11X 5G while there have been few obstacles with it.

Let’s discuss the solution to few problems that may come with mobile. If the phone matches the obstacles spoken of here:

  • Fast battery drain problems on Xiaomi Mi11X 5G- If a person faces problems related to very rapidly battery drain in the phone then read this process carefully and apply it to the phone. The problem of phone battery drain will be solved by using this method.
  • If a person has installed any kind of phone cleaner application or antivirus on the phone or not then install the application. If users don’t require GPS, turn it off. The application must always be downloaded from the shop. Because the third-party application contains malware, the phone’s battery drains quickly.
  • Do not use the mobile phone if this is on the charging. Always turn off the Bluetooth or hotspot if the person does not utilise it.
  • If the phone has a software update alert, users should update it.

If there is an issue with mobile phone data or the network in the phone:

  • To begin, take the SIM card from the phone and replace it. For 2 minutes, turn on the airplane mode.
  • Restart the phone, or reset the SIM name. Set all things like data access point name. If these few steps do not fix up the data or network issue then talk to the network provider. 
  • Heating issue: A person always charges the mobile phone with the original charger. While the phone is charging, it is necessary to remove the cover.
  • Do not put the phone on charging while playing the game, not use the third party application always download the app from the phone pay store. 
  • If a person’s phone has any form of antivirus software, then install it.

Android apps open gradually on phone:

  • This problem is due to the RAM, so always clean the RAM on the phone does not let it go more than 90%. 
  • Using the app with the lite version and update applications.

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