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Many people are devoted to a single brand for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they have had a positive experience with the brand’s products or are pleased with the after-sales services. It’s also possible that the product has served them well for a long time. If a consumer already owns a TV and wants to upgrade, all three of these considerations are critical. A TV should endure for 5 to 7 years, and the fewer troubles they have during that time, the better their experience.

Today, Sony’s BRAVIA TV lineup includes a huge number of TVs that range in price and give customers a variety of features. Some of these televisions are Sony BRAVIA LED televisions, while others are OLED televisions. Because the majority of Sony’s TVs operate on Android, here is a list of Sony TV model that run on Android. Go through the following information to explore which Sony TV model is best-

  • Sony Z8H- The Sony Z8H is an 8K television with a full-array LED illumination system. The TV is powered by Android TV, which has access to the Google Play Store and all major streaming services. Users can also use the Assistant or Alexa-enabled smart speaker to manage the TV. For visual processing, the TV uses Sony’s X1 Ultimate chipset. The TV also features X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, which improves contrast. The TV also has Sony Multi-Acoustic audio technology and may be used as the main speaker in their home theatre system.
  • Sony A9G- It is an OLED panel that produces deep blacks and vibrant colors. The television is 4K and supports all HDR standards, including Dolby Vision. The TV offers a Netflix calibrated mode that provides users with the Netflix experience that content creators intended for consumers. The television has a lot of features as well. It has Sony Acoustic Surface technology from the second generation, which turns the entire display into a speaker.
  • SONY A8H-  It is equipped with Sony’s X1 Extreme CPU, which is the forerunner of the XR processor found on the Sony A80J. The settings choices in the TV’s UI have been altered by Sony to provide a more user-friendly experience. The TV supports 4K, HDR, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and the Play Store has all of the top streaming services. It also has Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, as well as the ability to AirPlay content from an iOS iPhone to the TV.

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