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The most commonly used web browser is Google Chrome. This cross-platform web browser has evolved to become one of the most reliable and preferred browsers by users. Not only does it serve as the platform for web apps, but it also lets you freely use the Google search engine. There are often conditions where users encounter errors or glitches in the browser. These glitches in the web browser could be because of a virus or other system bugs that cannot be usually fixed by users without professional help. Be it downloading or installing any browser extension, configuring the security settings, or updating the Google Chrome web browser to its latest version, Arcler Desk can help you out.  Arcler Desk provides complete technical support for Google Chrome browsers. Our professional team at Arcler Desk uses remote access to your system and troubleshoots any recurring or one-time error which you have been struggling with.

  • Removing unwanted pop-ups, ads or malware
  • Updating Google Chrome
  • Fixing or using Flash audio and video
  • Using progressive web apps in Chrome
  • Sync and manage passwords, bookmarks in Chrome
  • Clearing, deleting browsing history and data
  • Enable, manage and clear cookies
  • Privacy settings on Chrome
  • Chrome controls on other devices
  • Accessibility on Chrome
  • Payment information
  • Reporting error and crash in Chrome

Web browsers are nothing but interpreters for the websites, and we completely understand how exhausting it can get if it does not function properly. But, you no longer need to worry about fixing any issue with your browser, Arcler Desk has got you covered. Available and reachable via multiple platforms, Arcler Desk will be happy to assist you with the most straightforward issues to major complicated ones.

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