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One of the easiest to use web browsers is Internet Explorer. It is the default web browser for Windows computers. With new and advanced versions coming up now and then, the Internet Explorer web browser performs effortlessly for most cases. However, there have been instances when users have encountered various issues with the browser, whether prolonged or one-time. There can be multiple kinds of problems like compatibility with browser, installation, and uninstallation issues or even cases of browser crashes. In times like these, it also gets difficult to get in touch with the customer service looking for technical assistance. But you no longer need to worry about it, Arcler Desk is here. Arcler Desk connects with you in a secure and safe digital environment to offers instant resolutions to any technical issue you might be facing with the Internet Explorer web browser.

  • Lifecycle policies in Internet Explorer
  • Updating to the latest version of Internet Explorer browser
  • Enterprise mode in Internet Explorer browser
  • Syncing password and recovery keys
  • Secure website certificates and content blocking
  • Privacy settings
  • Backup and restore in Internet Explorer browser
  • Connection and add-on settings
  • Control cookies and cache in Internet Explorer browser

With the help of Arcler Desk, you can continue to use your web browser with optimized settings for maximum security while surfing the internet. Call, chat, or email us anytime, we are available for service 24×7.

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