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Ubuntu is an operating system launched in 2004 and belongs to the Linux OS family. It is an open-source model that is available in more than 55 languages. Its marketing target includes cloud computing, personal computers, servers, etc. It is featured with a well-built virus protection system and holds the place as the most secure operating system around with essential technologies to assist. This operating system was primarily developed laptops, desktops as well as touchscreen devices. Ubuntu operating system runs on a wide range of accessories. Ubuntu is everything that you will require to run a school, offices, or organization. Ubuntu operating system has several pre-installed software that increases the experience of the user. Apart from its advantages, Ubuntu OS is outdated and is vulnerable to faults. It barely supports hardware and has difficulty in configuring the modem. It has a poor graphic user interface, and therefore modern games are not possible on the Ubuntu operating system. This operating system is incapable of playing MP3 files.  Arcler Desk is going to be of great help in times like these. Whether you explore more of Ubuntu or know about its implementation pre-requisites, the expert team at Arcler Desk is at your service.

  • Why does Ubuntu 12.04 can’t be restarted?
  • Why is the show desktop option missing?
  • The mouse cursor is hidden after the Unity Launcher auto-hide is enabled.
  • Ubuntu lacks hibernating options.
  • System error occurs
  • Why does the unity launcher hides behind other windows?
  • Why cannot the font be changed?
  • Why is authentication required every time the computer is started?
  • Ubuntu runs slow on computers.
  • Why does the operating system suddenly stops working?

If you are facing any of these issues, you can contact us at Arcler Desk for an easy solution. We are there to pick your call within seconds and help you with a 100% effective solution. You can contact us via emails, text calls, and social media handlings.

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