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Microsoft Windows is an operating system that was launched in 1985. The marketing target of the Windows OS includes a personal computer and is available in 138 languages. Microsoft corporations developed it. The Windows OS has a built-in graphical user interface which is compatible with PCs and dominates the PC market.  This operating system has a more dynamic interface. Since 1985, there has been the introduction of updated versions of windows like windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Wintel, Windows 8, etc. The ultimate goal of the Windows operating system was to beat the shortcomings of the MS-DOS operating system. The Windows operating system is user-friendly with the availability of software. All the hardware manufacturers virtually support the recent version of Windows OS. This operating system also supports specialized gaming hardware. It has high compatibility with websites driven by MS. Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows is a closed source that enabled its support services to gain popularity as the issues faced by Windows are difficult to detect. Arcler Desk offers 24×7 Windows OS support to resolve all your queries in accessing this operating system. Whether it is about installing the OS on your system or troubleshooting any recurring errors, the Arcler Desk team is there to help you.

  • What happens when MS Windows 7 is not verifying?
  • Why is there an incompatible relation between Windows OS and the program?
  • Windows suddenly stops working
  • Icons go missing from the taskbar. What to do in this situation?
  • Why is the sleep feature not working?
  • There is a constant reboot process after every update version
  • Songs seem to get lost unexpectedly from the media player and what to do in this case?
  • There is a constant problem with windows Driver.
  • Why does the problem of unexpected rebooting arises?
  • Windows OS seems to run with low memory. How to troubleshoot this issue?

These are few issues that a Windows OS user might face. But you need not worry. We are at 24×7 at your service with excellent suggestions.

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