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Facebook is the most popular social networking website today. It has about 350 million registered users who regularly check and update their day to day happenings on the site. Facebook is a site that helps users share photos, videos, posts, articles, news, and more with friends who they add as contacts to their accounts.

Even for businesses and organizations, Facebook is an excellent platform as it creates its pages and markets it to the users. The unique part about Facebook is that it is entirely free of any charges and has no paid version of it.

But, sometimes, users face various kinds of issues while using Facebook. It could be security settings, the people who can and cannot see your activities, or just alerts not working appropriately. In these situations, when users try to reach customer service for Facebook, they have to go through a lengthy and tedious procedure, which most of the time ends in an unsatisfied solution.

Now, we have a solution to it too. Arcler Desk provides instant resolutions and fixes to any concern or issues you might have with your Facebook account.

  • How to delete my account it has been hacked?
  • Facebook does not allow to search for anything, posts or people
  • Facebook home page not loading
  • Forgot Password
  • Not receiving notifications
  • How to see hidden posts on Facebook?
  • Friends cannot see Live
  • Posts not appearing on the timeline
  • Can’t change the language in Facebook
  • Cannot share or send posts or pictures on Facebook
  • Why do blocked people and pages still show?
  • Cannot update newsfeed
  • How to access hidden information in the Facebook marketplace?
  • How to report a seller on the Facebook marketplace?
  • Locked out of the account, cannot sign in
  • Why can’t I change my Facebook name?
  • How to turn off group notifications on Facebook?

These are just a few of the most common concerns that Facebook users come up with for assistance. Whether technical or software issues, Arcler Desk will be at your service 24×7, providing you with the best available quick fixes so you can enjoy connecting to people on the Facebook network.

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