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Whatsapp is a viral application nowadays. It was launched in January 2009 and is supported by iOS and Android. It is headquartered in California, U.S. Whatsapp comes with video calling and chats features that help to keep people in touch. People can personally share images, videos, and Gifs or can share in a group. The messages are end-to-end encrypted and, therefore, are secured. We can also share documents, live locations. There is a feature that allows us to hide contact. This website is user-friendly. We can easily share audio messages directly.

  • Why is my Whatsapp account temporarily banned?
  • How do I download and install Whatsapp?
  • Which operating system supports Whatsapp?
  • How can I move Whatsapp to the SD card?
  • What is the two-step verification process?
  • Can I use a single account on Whatsapp on many phones?
  • How can I delete my Whatsapp account permanently?
  • How would I share a live location?
  • How can I unsent a message already send?
  • How to block anyone on Whatsapp?
  • How to use Whatsapp for business?
  • Can my Whatsapp be hacked?
  • How to restore my messages after permanent delete?

We, at Arcler Desk, is at your service to resolve all your queries in smooth accessing Whatsapp. In case you want to block anyone, you need to click on the setting options and select block and choose the contacts you want to block. Deactivating will permanently delete your account from the device.

A single phone number can only be used only in one device. Opening the same account on another device will lead to the logout in the previous method. We can open two different accounts in a single phone by creating a second space on your device.

The Whatsapp allows you to see the delivery status. This makes the sender sure that the message has been sent to the recipient without a doubt. A very new feature of Whatsapp is that a posted message can be deleted if it has been sent to the wrong recipient.

Feel free to contact us if you have further queries. We are there for you and can solve all your problems within minutes.

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